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    SECTOR :


    The Principal

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I seek admission to 1st Year Diploma/2nd Year Diploma in your college. I hereby agree to abide by all
    the rules and regulations of the college

    I hereby declare that I have not registered myself at any other college or Institution for other course.

    I have noted the statement above signed

    by my ward and I shall see he/she observes

    the rules of the college

    Signature of Applicant

    Signature of Parent / Guardian


    Full Name in CAPITAL LETTERS





    B) SECTOR :



    S.S.C. / Equivalent


    Name of the Board

    Name of School / College last attended

    Month & Year of Passing

    Exam. Seat No.

    Marks obtained / Total Marks



    Percentage of Marks


    Full Name


    Residential Address

    Contact Details

    Business / Profession

    Rules and Regulations

    1. DISCIPLINE and OBEDIENCE are the dual key tones to success. We expect that our students maintain the same at all times.

    2. Attending all lectures and practical is compulsory. Parents will be informed about students absenteeism via sms. Parents must do the needful.

    3. Students are expected to be in their respective classroom or workshop on time or 5 min before time for the st 1 lecture or practicals.

    4. Any damage caused by the students to the infrastructure of the college, machine, tools or equipment would be charged for the repair or new purchase.

    5. Any students found defacing walls, benches or college campus would be liable to pay a fine appropriate to the damage caused. Any student found repeating the same will be strictly punished or
      expelled from college.

    6. Attending all practical test and exam conducted by college or Board is compulsory.

    7. Any student remaining absent for practical must provide appropriate medical report or reason for the same.

    8. MISBEHAVIOUR by any student with any teaching or non-teaching staff may lead to expulsion of student on ground of indiscipline.

    9. Fees once paid will neither be adjusted nor refunded under any circumstances.

    10. All document required for admissions should be submitted in originals.

    11. The decision of the management with respect to admission or any functionality of the college will be final.

    12. Any change in decision in mid of the year would remain binding.

    13. In case the admission is discontinue after attending lecture or confirming admission 50 %of yearly fees would have to be paid.

    14. Student found using mobile for any non academic purpose would be charge Rs.100 /

    15. Student coming late to college would be penalized Rs.100/-

    16. Student without boiler suit will not be allotted to sit for lecture/ practical and would be penalized Rs.100/-.

    17. Student not attending Industrial visit would be penalized Rs.500/-.

    18. Student not attending lectures of Visiting faculty would be penalized Rs.500/-.

    19. Students need to comply to the board exam requirement of 75% attendance.

    20. Students need to submit projects /notebooks on the dates declared by respective teachers

    21. Original document would not be returned to the student /parent unless and until all the pending fees and all dues are cleared.

    22. Students / Parent found misleading the Institute / Teacher / Staff would be suspended temporarily for a duration decided by the management.


    to join your college.

    Signature of Parent / Guardian

    List of Required Documents.

    • Std. 10th / 12th Mark Sheet.

    • Leaving Certificate / Transfer Certificate.

    • Caste Certificate

    • Aadhar Card

    • PAN Card

    Student’s Signature

    Parent’s Signature

    Payment Details

    Sr. NO.

    Chq. / DD / Cash No.

    Installment Date



    Student’s Signature

    Parent’s Signature