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We introduce ourselves as a premier institute Imparting quality Vocational education through an Holistic approach, the only thought that prevails and is practiced, which initiates the bringing of a transformation to the very basic of life called Education,
we are Ava Elma Vocational Education Pvt. Ltd.

We understand by imparting quality education we can only grow, but adding value is always needed.Here we took up a task of forming a vertical leading to direct employment and selected “Vocational Education” as the sector.

Our training program includes Industry sourced curriculum helping our candidates undergoing training with updated INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS to be interviewed by top organizations in India and placed in their first job.

Mr. Santosh Shinde

With an experience of having mentored around 80000 + students in the past 19 years through various initiatives we have mastered the process of channelizing the energies of young minds into making of future Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, now we take up VOCATIONAL EDUCATION as a tool in shaping future TECHNICIANS.

Our vocational training initiatives encourage parents to motivate their children to pursue specialized Vocational Courses that will make them job ready, instead of run-of-the-mill courses which hardly impact any practical skill sets. This initiative is all about bringing smile back into the lives of the youth with respectable earning.

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